Oh Lookie Here!


Good... afternoon folks. Geez Camille get out of bed. Whatever. Anyways, Christmas time is UPON us! Which means CHRISTMAS SHOPPING! Let's avoid those lines and malls and shop online this year! But wait... let's get some cash back, hmmm? I love to use Ebates all year round. She there for me honey. She your new best … Continue reading Oh Lookie Here!


Camilligraphy: Lettering With Purpose


Wow. I'm blogging, guys. I'm Camille. I'm 22, I'm a bible-believing Christian, quiet and loud at the same time, weird, passionate, stubborn, singing, artsy, probably overbearing, Disneyland-loving, mom-like, and full-hearted. I. Love. God. So. Much. I have an amazing and supportive family. Home and church. My mother was independent growing up but dependent on God … Continue reading Camilligraphy: Lettering With Purpose